We are back and recruiting!

Mar - 21

We are back and recruiting!



After a long break, it is time to get back on track. We have been working on some big projects behind the scenes and we cannot wait to tell you all about our plans for this year.

To offer you a sneak peek of this year’s highlights, we are officially rolling out our recruitment campaign to bring in an infusion of new blood.

“Oh, you wanna get your feet wet? GREAT, WE NEED NEW BLOOD!”

To give you a better picture of who we are, TEDxCityUHongKong was introduced in 2016 by passionate fellow members. Our family has been growing constantly, and we are looking for more team members this year. We aim to share the ideas from the great thinkers and doers to the bigger audience at CityU and beyond. If you are enthusiastic and interested in innovative ideas and thoughts-provoking discussions, this is the way to make the best use of your talents!
Sounds awesome? Here is a brief description of 5+1 wings of our family! Match your personal qualities with the following teams:

  1. Event Management: Logistics & Event Management
  2. Human Resources: Affiliation & People Management
  3. Marketing: On-campus Promotion & Advocacy
  4. Public Relations: External Communication & Sponsorship
  5. Speaker Relations: Speaker Invitation & Coaching

and… Designers.

Number of Members to be Recruited

1. Event Management (4)
2. Human Resources (4)
3. Marketing (4)
4. Public Relations (4)
5. Speaker Relations (5)
6. Designers (3)

Briefing Session Detail:

  • 7-9pm 29th March, 2017 – AC1 LT4
  • 7-9pm 31st March, 2017 – AC1 LT6

Registration Link for Briefing Session: https://goo.gl/forms/IEAmqKC27eNAznn72
More details will be released soon! Stick around us so that you can keep yourself updated!
**Please note that it is highly recommended for prospective applicants to attend one of briefing sessions.

Deadline of Attendee Registration:

Briefing Session #1 – 02:00PM, 29 March
Briefing Session #2 – 02:00PM, 31 March
**We accept walk-in audiences until 7:30PM. The entry after 7:30PM will NOT be accepted.

General Application

Application Link: https://goo.gl/forms/NHVvORYBOyi5QbYp1
Application Deadline: 2 April (SUN) 11:59PM


Applicants should be registered CityU students, and plan to stay in CityU for Semester A of 2017/18. Other than that, there is no particular eligibility for being a part of our team!
With YOUR avid participation, we can build a better world with knowledge and wisdom. You are interested enough and want to know more? Then, toss us your curiosity at [email protected]